Personal trainers

Even the very best athletes in world sport have coaches and we have some of the best personal trainers around, ready to help you become the best you possible. They can help you with workout routines, setting your goals and helping you achieve them.

    Hi everyone. My name is Daniel Hewes a level 3 Personal trainer with over 12 years experience. Along the way I have also picked up a range of other qualifications ranging from Level 4 nutrition to working with older adults, children and class qualifications.

    My knowledge comes from a wealth of training and research that I have conducted, I have no doubt that I am able to help regardless of what goal you are looking to achieve. I myself have gone through many different shapes to be able to speak from experience and offer the best in-depth advice possible. From a very young age I have always been interested in sport and fitness and when I was told that I would struggle to carry on down the sporting path it was time to turn all my attention to the gym. I now leave no stone unturned in my quest to provide clients with the best possible results.

    “Strive for progression not perfection”


    If its accountability you’re in need of, we have you covered!

    A personal trainer is a great way to stay on track, learn about fitness and improve your sessions, and Connor @connxrmac is here to help you with your goals!

    Whatever your goals are, from general fitness, fat loss, muscle gain or strength and conditioning, feel free to get in touch today for more information on 1:1 training sessions